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The 1st Parish Pilgrimage of 2016. 

On Friday 22nd July we set off for our Pilgrimage to Lourdes in association with the Archdiocese. We gathered at St. Richard’s were our bus picked us up and took us to Manchester Airport. We landed in Carcassonne where the weather was wonderfully warm and boarded our coach for the journey to Lourdes. There was a delay in our arrival so we went straight to dinner and decided to attend the Mass of welcome with the Archdiocese in St Bernadette’s church next day. This we did and a great occasion it was. Sunday’s Mass was celebrated at the grotto, another great occasion, in fact the week was full of great occasions. On Tuesday we went off as a group to Bartres, where we were able to venerate a relic of Bernadette. On Thursday we attended the service of  anointing of the sick  and in the afternoon in the wonderful sunlight we had the Farewell service. Another wonderful experience shared by all.  
Parish at Lourdes July 2016

George Fox, 24/08/2016

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